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Midlothian Schools Counselling Service – Information for Parents/Carers and Professionals

Our Midlothian Schools Counselling Service provides counselling for children and young people (aged 10 to 18) living in Midlothian, regardless of where or whether they are attending school, education or training.

This school–based counselling service provides high quality counselling support. The service is accessible for young people in Midlothian regardless of their current participation in mainstream education or where they attend. This includes young people who are educated at home, by other providers or who are not attending any education or training at present.

In Secondary schools, supported self-referrals by young people are managed by Guidance Teams. For P6 & P7 pupils, referrals go through the Head Teachers. For young people who do not attend a Midlothian Local Authority school, have left school or who do not want the referral to go through Education then a referral can go through directly MYPAS at enquiries@mypas.co.uk .

The MYPAS Midlothian Schools Counselling Service Manager is the main contact, with each Associated School Group having a named and allocated MYPAS counsellor.

How to refer a young person for school counselling in Midlothian

Please note that prior to referral, young people must provide informed consent and are willing to be actively involved in receiving counselling.

Referral pathways differ depending on the circumstances of the young person:

  1. For young people attending Mainstream Secondary Schools.
    Schools have a fixed allocation of weekly counselling slots. Guidance/pupil support staff in each school agree who to refer with advice and support from the school counsellor as spaces become available.
    How to refer: Contact the young person’s Guidance Teacher to discuss a potential referral.
  2. For young people attending Mainstream Primary Schools and are aged 10+
    Primary schools in each Associated School Group have a limited number of spaces shared between them.
    How to refer: Contact the Primary School’s Head Teacher to discuss a potential referral.
  3. For young people attending Non-Mainstream Education
    There are a number of school counselling places available specifically for young people outwith mainstream education.
    How to refer: Contact the non-mainstream Education provider that the young person attends to discuss a potential referral.
  4. For young people not attending education provided by Midlothian Council (they are educated by another provider including home schooling, do not attend/have left education)
    There is a limited number of hours available to support young people even if they are not currently in, or not attending, education or training.
    How to refer: Supportive adults (including professionals, parents and carers) can request counselling by contacting MYPAS’ Midlothian Schools Counselling Service Manager.

Service delivery

The Midlothian Schools Counselling service provides counselling at times that suit the child or young person. Counselling usually takes place within school time but is also available out with school times and during schools holidays.

The young person would normally meet with the counsellor for approximately an hour each week for up to 10 weeks. This meeting would be in a confidential setting for the young person, where there are no disruptions.

Main Contact

Nancy Burn, Schools Counselling Service Manager: Nancy.Burn@MYPAS.co.uk

0131 454 0757 (office) or 07864 025204 (mobile)