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East Lothian LGBT+ Service

MYPAS’ East Lothian LGBT+ Service provides:

  • Weekly social group for LGBT+ young people and allies in East Lothian
  • One to one support for LGBT+ young people in East Lothian

Online LGBT+ Youth Group

A safe friendly space for young people who identify as LGBTQ+ and allies. Young people from Midlothian can attend chat online and meet new friends, take part in activities, get support and have fun.

The LGBT+ Groups meet on Monday Evenings

For more information

Contact MYPAS on 0131 454 0757 or email enquiries@mypas.co.uk.

We will get in touch to complete an online agreement and we will share the link to our Zoom group with you. You can arrange to chat to our youth worker beforehand if it makes coming along the first time a little easier.

One to One Support for LGBT+ Young People

We provide one to one support for LGBT+ young people who live in East Lothian aged 12 to 21.

What is one to one support?

The type of support you’ll have will be based on the kind of support you need. You might:

  • Talk about exploring your sexuality or gender identity
  • Talk about coming out to friends and family or at school
  • Learn about what is available for young people who want to transition socially or physically
  • Talk about things that worry you and find out about ways to improve your mental health
  • Focus on the strengths and skills you already have
  • Figure out ways to change things for the better
  • Talk about relationships with friends and family

How does one to one support work?

You can meet with our LGBT+ project worker to discuss issues you might face in your life, such as relationships with family and friends, coming out, gender identity and your health and wellbeing.

You’ll agree how often you meet, where and how long for with your project worker. It could be once a week or more often than that. You could meet up for a few weeks, or over the course of several months. We can meet somewhere that is comfortable for you. We offer online meetings, telephone meetings or face to face support, depending on what you’d prefer.

The service is friendly, free and confidential. This means that we won’t tell anyone that you are attending the service without your permission unless we are concerned about your safety or the safety of others.

If you would like to refer to our one to one support service, you can find our referral form on the website or you can contact us on 0131 454 0757 or email enquiries@mypas.co.uk.

Other places you can get information and support

You can speak to LGBT Health and Wellbeing Scotland on their helpline on 0300 123 2523 or by emailing helpline@lgbthealth.org.uk

You can get support from LGBT Youth Scotland on their live chat by visiting their website for more info on https://www.lgbtyouth.org.uk/groups-and-support/digital-support/